Eating problems

Eating disorder, eating problem, or weight problem? The terms ‘eating disorder’ and ‘eating problem’ are often used interchangeably, wrongly combined, and confused. But what exactly is the difference?

Novarum helps tackle eating disorders

An eating disorder is a serious and complex psychiatric illness characterised by a morbid fear of becoming fat and by disturbed eating behaviour. Distinction is made between:

  • anorexia nervosa
  • bulimia nervosa
  • binge eating disorder (BED)
  • eating disorder in obesity
  • ARFID (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder)

An eating disorder will worsen until the sufferer simply cannot go on. This may be for several reasons, because the disorder has extremely serious physical, mental, and social consequences. Those with an eating disorder are advised to seek specialised help, such as that offered by Novarum. The healing process often takes a considerable length of time.

Eating problems

In an eating problem the complaints are milder and do not meet the diagnostic criteria of an eating disorder. The consequences may well negatively affect the sufferer’s mental and social life, but they will not necessarily disrupt all aspects. The risks to the body may be just as dangerous, however, especially if there is a weight problem such as obesity.